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Businesses play an essential role in the fight against climate change. Consumers expect companies to take more responsibility for the way they operate and do more to compensate for their emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Companies should aim to prioritize the reduction or elimination of emissions from their operations, and once this is achieved, they can offset their carbon footprint to attain carbon neutrality. Carbon-neutrality gives companies a strategic competitive advantage because it gives credibility to their actions and aligns their values with those of the consumer.

Skoggi helps companies compensate for their emissions responsibly. The compensation for emissions is based on the growth of Finnish forests, the extension of growing time, and the natural carbon sinks of the forests. We work closely with Finnish forest owners to offer a transparent and verifiable domestic compensation model for the emissions of companies.

Our forest stand growth calculation model takes into account the geographical location and the site type of the forests, biomass production quantities based on accurate research data, as well as the permanence of additional carbon sequestration, plus the time of carbon sequestration and changes in the carbon stock. With Skoggi, you offset your company’s emissions with the domestic carbon sink.

We will give to our client company a certificate for the compensation, which communicates the operator’s climate responsibility. An essential part of the verifiability and responsibility of compensation is our regular reporting on carbon sequestration based on the ESG areas (Environmental, Social, Governance). This helps our customers communicate the positive climate work they are doing to their customers––and other stakeholders.

Skoggi will start concluding emission compensation agreements with companies in the second half of 2022.

Why you should offset emissions through Skoggi

  • 100% domestic and utilizing carbon sinks in Finnish forests
  • Easy way to compensate for your emissions
  • Transparent high-quality concept created and tested by top forestry experts
  • Reliable third-party calculation model based on actual tree growth and data, plus verifiable carbon credit calculation model
  • Verifiable business processes


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