Skoggi is a Finnish company whose goal is to fight for a carbon-neutral future. Our goal is to strengthen carbon sinks in Finnish forests, helping companies meet carbon-neutral targets and providing forest owners with a new way to utilize their forests.

We do this by focusing on transparency, verifiability, reliability, and the expertise of our team of experts in the fields of forestry, sustainability, and communications.

Our goal is to implement a more responsible, sustainable, and diverse future together with companies and forest owners.

For a carbon-neutral tomorrow, act today.


Skoggi Oy
Tel: 044 493 5998
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Address: Inkerintie 4, 31300 Tammela


Lasse Lahtinen

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Tel: 0444935998

Jyrki Ketola

Chairman of the Board

Hans Edin

Board Member

Riikka Karjula

Board Member

Jenni Raitavuo

Board Member

Riitta Tiuraniemi

Board Member

Matti Karjula


Ulla Koivula